The process of learning is now easier, more accessible, and cost-effective than before. There are several online interactive classes and courses offered by various platforms. These are thanks to the power of the internet. Photography is among the many subjects for these classes and courses. The best online photography courses depend on learning levels and current skill levels. The time and money invested are also crucial factors when learning something new. There are many free photography classes out there. High-quality courses are only available for a certain fee. If you want to get into a photography class but you have no idea about your options, here is a quick list that can help.

Beginner Photography Course Bundle

This is a four-course bundle perfect for beginner photographers. It is a great offering from Creativelive. The four courses cover almost everything. These include basic camera settings, lighting, composition, and digital post-processing. There are more than a hundred video lessons available. It is a stunning class introduced to the basics of photography.

photography for beginners

Your Road to Better Photography

This is one of the free online photography courses provided by Udemy. This is a short course encouraging students to get out of the automatic camera modes. It is best to explore the world of manual control instead. Mastering the exposure triangle for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO is an advantage. These will let you enjoy creative freedom more.

A Crash Course in Photographic Composition

This is a great photography online course offered by Skillshare. The course focuses on composition. It covers all aspects of geometry, composition, and lines. The course includes videos and other materials to help in learning.

The Practicing Photographer

Lynda is a professional training website. The business social media giant, LinkedIn, was responsible for this course. There are various high-quality video training on any number of topics. These help people build marketable skills. The expansion of their knowledge base is also inevitable. Lynda offers a month for free so you can try their courses. You can see if it is good for you or not before you subscribe. This short course only takes half an hour.