How To Use Bongs and Water Pipes

Do you know how to use a bong? Or maybe you’re looking for some new ways to spend your time this summer. Well, the following article has some great ideas on how to use what is essentially a water pipe and make it your own. You’ll learn about the different kinds of bongs for sale, set-up methods, and various ways of using one. And if you’re not getting anything out of this guide there are always these seven fun facts at the end that should intrigue any curious reader! Investing in yourself is never an easy decision but one which will pay dividends regardless.

The first step to mastering the art of using a bong is to understand the various types of bongs available. There are many, many different types and styles, but we’ve got all the important ones covered so you won’t miss out on anything! Just in case you don’t know what a bong is, let’s take a quick look at it. A bong (also referred to as a water pipe, or gas mask in some circles) is a device that can be used for smoking either tobacco or cannabis. It looks like some kind of weird glass sculpture and uses water filtration in order to produce a smoother smoke that’s easier for lungs to process. If you’re new to the smoking game, these types of pipes are especially great because they generally require minimal maintenance and construction.

bong pipes

Bongs are usually quite simple to use and the process doesn’t take a whole lot of time. You’ll need the following materials before you can get into it: a bong or water pipe, some type of container (bottle or jar), some lid, newspaper, tinfoil, lighter fluid or butane torch (if using cannabis), a screen (either one per bowl or one per joint) as well as tools such as pliers. First up on our list is this glassy piece called a bong made by Dr Dabber. Its chrome-like finish and light silver colouring make it an excellent addition to your collection. Despite its modern appearance, the bong uses traditional smoking techniques that have been used for years. The chamber can be filled with water and then sealed with a glass lid. When ready to smoke, the bowl is placed in the center of the bong and then tobacco or cannabis is added.

Many different starters methods can be used before lighting up. One standard method is to heat something like a candle near a bowl before placing it in the center of the pipe. Really, anything can be used as long as something will fit into it (a lot of people prefer glass jars).