Things To Know While Having Mammogram

You can rely on the caring staff of radiologists in Millburn, NJ, to treat you as a person, not just a patient, to spend the time to go through all your imaging options because they offer services for trustworthy 3D mammogram in Millburn, NJ and a team that treats you with care and attention.

Describe a 3D mammography

One of the most significant tests for spotting early stages of breast cancer is a 3D mammography or an x-ray of your breast tissue. Because it distinguishes and categorizes breast tissue structures more precisely than conventional mammography techniques, it offers the highest possibility for an early and correct diagnosis. A three-dimensional mammography, also known as breast tomosynthesis, is produced by stacking fragile layers, or “slices,” of digitized breast pictures. The X-ray moves in an arc across the breast during a 3D mammography operation, capturing several images from various perspectives.

Important information on mammograms

They could save you. Early detection of breast cancer lowers your risk of dying from the condition by 25% to 30%. Mammograms for women should start around age 40 or earlier if they’re in danger.

Do not fear. Mammography is a rapid procedure that only takes 20 minutes, and most women only feel slight pain. The procedure is safe since only a minimal amount of radiation is exposed. Avoid the anxiety of waiting by going to a clinic that will give you the results before you leave.

Get the greatest possible quality. Try to have digital mammography if you have thick breasts or are under 50. Digital mammography is stored on a computer, so medical professionals can magnify specific regions to examine them in greater detail.

When will you get the mammogram’s findings in Millburn, NJ?

It would be best if you usually got the findings in a few weeks, depending on the facility. A radiologist examines your mammogram and reports back to you and your doctor with their results. If there is a problem, the mammography facility will inform you sooner. If you are still waiting for a report of your results within 30 days, get in touch with your doctor or the Millburn, New Jersey, mammography facility.