What disinfectants for hospitals exist and what are their characteristics?

The disinfectants that are most frequently used in hospitals and healthcare cleaning services in Mississauga are the following:

Povidone iodine

The povidone – iodine is the result of the combination of iodine and a solubilizing agent. This substance allows the germicidal characteristic and efficacy of iodine to prevail, being able to eliminate viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi .

Likewise, the substance neither stains nor is aggressive with the skin. Something that usually happens with other disinfectants. For this reason, povidone iodine is a very good choice for disinfecting.


This substance is used, above all, to clean patient bathrooms and common areas. Its use allows to eliminate fungi and viruses , although it is not very effective with tuberculosis. It is possible to find it in soapy and liquid solutions.

The CHG yes stain fabric surfaces, for this reason is not recommended for use in beds or chairs. Likewise, cotton, for example, cancels its disinfectant capacity.



The hexachlorophene is a great bacteriostatic agent that goes against germs such as staphylococcus. Its use does not harm the skin excessively, but it is not recommended to use it frequently. In fact, doctors and health professionals use it as a preventive and sanitizing treatment prior to preoperative showers.

Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide

The oxygenated water or hydrogen peroxide is used mainly to remove bacteria from wounds made in the home. Hence its presence in medicine cabinets and home. However, in hospitals it is used to disinfect surgical equipment.

Its germicidal power leaves any material disinfected for at least 30 minutes. For good conservation, it is required to keep it away from light. In addition, it is corrosive to aluminum, copper and zinc products .

Alcohol and iodized alcohol

The spirit is one of disinfectants par excellence, both in hospitals and in the daily life of any user. In fact, COVID-19 has made it the protagonist for this disinfectant purpose.

The main difference between alcohol and its iodized brother is that the latter is much kinder to the skin. For this reason it is used to disinfect the skin prior to surgical interventions. In this way, non-iodized alcohol is the best option to disinfect material and utensils of any kind.