The Perfect Colored Nail Polish to Any Skin Types

Nail polish is something you can wear that brings a significant statement about your personality. Learning the right nail polish color is essential to flatter your skin tone as it can completely change the way your hands look. There are specific colors to consider in achieving a stunning look on any skin type. Some colors work best for tan, light, and medium skin tones, so play around with what goes well with your skin tone.

The Perfect Nail Polish Shade

There are hundreds of color combinations you can use to look stunning on every shade of skin. Some pallets may seasonally, appropriately fit to color your nails for a moment. Other nail polish shades may be the best way to the perfect look. To find the right color, you have to know what you are looking for. You can use a thinner formula for a stunning finish or apply a base and top coats to extend the life of your polish.

Make the best nail polish even better, but you don’t have to stick to a specific set of colors all the time. All you need to do is to complement the color pallet to your complexion. Particular colors help you flaunt the best and also make your hands look younger. Coloressemipermanentes will help you achieve that bright or dark shade of your nails, here’s how you do it.

Medium Skin Tones

The medium complexion can carry almost any color combinations flawlessly. But you have to limit the use of gold and rust colors to complement on olive to bronzy glow skin. Instead, use the colors dark burgundy and wines, or try the nudes to perfection. Some nail polish looks beautiful in sheer white as the contrast will make the nails brighter. It also will make a medium skin complexion tanner.


Most medium skin tones have an olive or neutral undertone perfect when paired with any grey shade. It gives a smoldering look against these undertones and adds a dramatic contrast.

Tan Skin Tones

Make your tan looking fresh by wearing shades like fuchsia, a poppy blue, orange, and red. You can also pull off neon nail polish or amp with grey nail color with a hint of mauve or a purple undertone. This color combo will ensure to bring out greyness in deeper skin tones that leave deep hands looking chic, not pallid. You can also matchy-matchy your nails with a wine red color polish, it looks vibrant and youthful on deeper skin tones.

Light Skin Tones

If you have a lighter skin tone, you can try reds, pastels, peaches, and purple shades, as dark shades can leave your hands looking goth-like. The light colors or nudes polish looks fantastic on the fairest of complexions. The grey color also is flattering on every skin tone and shines particularly best on the paler undertones.

Coat Your Nails with Semi-permanent Polish

To make the best of your nail polish, add a good adhesive base coat and a slick and tough topcoat so anything that hits it would slide off. Note that each nail polish has different purposes, try to use one for the quality layers of your manicure. Also, they last longer when paired with semi-permanent enamel, know your perf color palette.