The best hail protection your lovely car might need

If a vehicle is damaged by hail, an insurance company may mark it as a salvage title for hail damage. That indicates the hail-damaged vehicle has been totalled and is consequently uninsurable. When automotive hail damage results in a complete loss classification, hail-damaged cars lose a significant amount of value, even though many hail-damaged cars are in excellent condition. Continue reading to learn about the many sorts of hail damage and how Sewel collision’s hail damage repair lakewood co manages them with ease.

The Most Common Types of Hail Damage:

  • Cosmetic Damage with Intact Paint:

This sort of hail damage creates minor dents in your vehicle’s exterior but does not destroy the paint and may be fixed by a local technician using paint and dent remover.

  • Cosmetic Scratched Paint:

These are dings that scrape the paint. They cannot be readily repaired with paint and dent removal. In this situation, the damaged external panel will certainly need to be replaced.

  • Heavy Damage with Intact Paint:

In this case, severe hail has destroyed the vehicle’s mechanical systems. At the same time, the paint work has not been compromised, so the outside may still be painted and dented.

So, what can you do to help safeguard your new automobile and reduce hail damages and dings? Here are some things to think about when hailstorms are on the way. Keep in mind that your personal safety is paramount during stormy weather.

  • Find covered parking:

Although parking in your garage at home is best, hail can fall during your commute or while you areout. When a hailstorm strikes, take shelter from the elements in a gas station, parking deck, or beneath a bridge.

  • Make use of shifting blankets:

While fallible, hanging moving blankets or a comforter over the car roof, windshield, and hood can help to cushion the impact of hailstones.

  • Purchase a portable storm shelter:

Car owners in hail-prone areas may want to consider purchasing an inflatable car cover, a hail blanket, or a mobile car tent.

Jewell Collision and Paint:

At Jewel Collision, they take pleasure in providing exceptional service and repair. Their collision and hail repair work are unrivalled, and it always includes skilled technicians with I-Car and Sherwin Williams certifications, a limited lifetime warranty on all treatments, and free towing.