Is it possible to replace a missing gift card?

There are so many reasons for an individual to prefer gift cards like they are accepted by almost all retailers and online shopping websites as well. For using this card, one has to register with the website and after that one can transact anything using the card. It will not take more time than 5 minutes for registration.

These gift cards are prepaid cards and one can even check the balance that he has in that card anytime. Moreover, his initial balance can also be viewed and amount in his account can also be checked. Thus, one can keep track the money that he has spent on from the card. For checking the balance amount, you can make use of the website which you have registered while purchasing the card. It is recommended to check the visa gift card balance before buying anything from anywhere.

These days, people used to offer this card to anyone on their special occasion, thus they can buy anything that they want. There is a possibility for your card to b lost or stolen and this case, you do  not need to worry, as you can replace your lost card. This can be done by purchasing one on the internet but one thing that you have to remember is your card should be registered so that only further proceeding can be done.

Since these gift cards are more like cash, they are more prompted to be stolen and if your card is theft, when you can prove that it is your own card that you have bought or was gifted, the card can be replaced. In order to replace one, it is recommended for you to show evidence that you are the owner of particular card.

Some of the things that can act as a proof includes

  • Having the activation receipt of your card.
  • Your gift card number should be noted.
  • Use mobile wallet to put the gift card.

You will need these things to hunt a missing card and you should request the customer service  for issuing lost card to you.