A lot of people consider SUVs as the greatest family car. One of the main reasons why SUVs are better for families lies in the number of safety features built into them. SUVs also allow you to bring everything a family needs during most travels. If you are looking for a new ride for your family, check out the vehicles below.

Subaru Ascent

The entry-level Ascent is the best SUV for big families. It comes with several features that you will have to pay extra for on other SUVs. One of these features is the all-wheel drive. The new Rear Seat Reminder will prevent you from leaving kids in a hot car. It also boasts of nineteen cup holders. The 2.4-liter turbocharged engine is peppy. The gas-saving CVT transmission also works great. Another awesome addition is the Wi-Fi hotspot that comes with the Premium model and higher.

Volkswagen Atlas

It has the lowest starting price among three-row SUVs. Yet, it offers a generous four-year or fifty thousand-mile warranty. It also comes with two years of free regular maintenance. It feels comfortable, and you will have no problem with steering and braking. Safety features like automatic headlights and heated side mirrors are standard. If you get the SE and higher, each row has climate control. Your kids can turn up or down the AC themselves.


Toyota Highlander

The 2020 model of the Highlander has improved looks, safety features, and engine. A hybrid version is also available. It has a superior suspension system that lets the car be more graceful than you would expect from a big vehicle. Safety systems that include displaying road signs on your dashboard come standard. The XLE and above models also allow wireless charging of your phone in the center console. You also get heated front seats.

Honda Pilot

The Pilot is a great choice if you like everything about the Honda Odyssey except its being a minivan. This SUV offers a quiet and smooth ride. Depending on the trim, you can choose to have a six-speed or nine-speed transmission. If you expect to put on a lot of highway miles, the nine-speed is a better choice. The EX and higher models have a button that makes it easier to get to the back. The second-row seats will fold and move forward when you push the button. It does that even with a car seat installed.

Nissan Pathfinder

It comes with high-tech blind-spot monitoring and rear parking sensors. It was the first SUV to have a system that honks if you open the back door before a trip but not after you arrive. This feature helps in preventing children from getting left in a hot car. The steering is great, and the V-6 engine provides a lot of power.

Any SUV can become the ultimate family car. It all depends on your needs and preferences. If buying a new one does not suit your lifestyle, you can check out used cars in raleigh.