Pull up standand raise the banners

Almost any business can benefit from banner marketing. More and more business owners begin to realize how effective banners can be for building a business. One of the most flexible solutions is known as the banner extraction system.

pull up stands

This type of support is also known as a drawer or cassette system. This is a fully autonomous unit that includes a cartridge housed in a sealed base. One of the main advantages is that the installation is quick, since all you need to do is remove the banner from the base and paste it on the top panel. Removing everything is just as easy: disconnect it from the bar and the graphics will move to the base and be completely protected against damage.

The folding banners come in many sizes

The widths vary from 800 mm to 2400 mm to provide enough space for bright and bold designs. For true progress in a crowded environment, ultra-high banners up to 4 meters high are also available. This is crucial in a crowded exhibition floor or even in open areas where pedestrians can hide the lower windows.

The simple installation of a drop-down pull up stand makes them ideal for use in retail stores and restaurants in front of a location or showcase. The system perfectly complements the top and window signs. Retail experts use the term known as window blindness.

Tightening banners can be purchased with the option of a replaceable cartridge. This provides even more flexibility in addition to portability and ease of configuration. The ability to change graphics makes this type of banner system ideal for promoting promotions or rotating sales. Usually, this type of banner is used in a restaurant that wants to advertise special night menus.