The education landscaping is shifting and remote learning is becoming a vital mode of learning. With this shift Jocelyn has stepped and is now offering online Chinese classes for both Secondary and Junior college students.

Role of online Chinese class at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre.

Guided by their vision of ‘Dream. Strive. Inspire’ they are continually evolving so as to address the gaps in the education system. This has enabled them to stay at the top of the education system.

Their approaches to Online Chinese Class is as follows:

  • They endeavour to build the learners to have a natural desire and willingness to learn Chinese .They do this by integrating relevant content from Chinese Classics, Literature and current affairs into their lessons, thus students get to think critically and apply what they have learnt to real-world contexts.
  • They also mould students who are independent and critical thinkers. Jocelyn’s team of experienced and MOE-trained Chinese tutors in Singapore employs a blended formula-like thinking, exam strategies and bite-sized assessment to achieve maximum potential in learners. English is used as bridging language since many students comes from background where household -language is English. This bilingual approach in online chinese class has made it easy for learners to understand the language as English serves the purpose of bridging the understanding.
  • The team also empowers learners with individualised methods of learning. This means that besides thousands of learning materials available and accessible to students in their online resources centres, the materials utilised in the online chinese class are also uploaded systematically in their resource centre. This enables self-paced among learners while eliminating the pressure characterised by live lessons. Hence, this class accommodates all learners.

If you are looking for an integrated learning environment which complements virtual lessons with your offline learning experience then Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre is your dream.