Microblading: the art of makeup.

A relatively recent technique of permanent cosmetics is microblading, sometimes referred to as 3-D, Feathered, or Embroidery Brows. When contrasted to an eyebrow that has been tattooed, drawn on with hair, or coloured, it looks quite natural. To implant pigment into the epidermis, a hand instrument with a very small needle is used. Many institutes provide microblading training in Nashville, TN, and can provide the best and most comprehensive programs for seasoned artists and newcomers in the fields of permanent cosmetics and microblading thanks to our experience and expertise.

Permanent makeup, sometimes known as micro pigmentation, is a type of tattoo. The implantation of pigment requires the skin to be broken through. Your natural characteristics should be emphasized with permanent makeup, not made up. Seasonal changes in topical cosmetic trends aside, having thick lashes, well-defined brows, and full lips will always be in vogue. This is a strategy for improving one’s appearance that is quickly gaining popularity.

With a one-year training course also available, we are thrilled to provide a 100-hour Beginners Essential Permanent Cosmetic as well as Microblading training course. The class fees do not cover the cost of the apprenticeship. They provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in the permanent cosmetics sector with this course.

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  • Part 1: When you sign up for the class, you’ll get a pre-study guide. The self-study materials will help you get ready for the permanent makeup training. Before attending the lesson, the content must be well studied. (40 hours)
  • Part 2: You will learn how to use a machine to do a shaded lip, eyeliner, and eyebrow techniques throughout the foundational instruction. The training comprises live models, practical exercises, and theory. (57 hours)
  • Part 3: Review, follow-up questions, help, and an apprenticeship day with the trainer. (8 Hours)

Customized Advanced Courses

They can concentrate on particular topics thanks to advanced courses. Microblading, Eyeliner, Lips, as well as Brow Shaping (Mapping) are among the procedures. For prior training, hours will be awarded. To be qualified for these classes, artists must submit their training hours.

The cost of this course is $1200 per day, with a $550 non-refundable booking deposit. Two weeks before the start of the course, the outstanding amount is due. The cost of the class does not include an internship.