Car Tips You Should Use Before Buying a Used Car

If you purchase a used car, it’s essential that you first give yourself the knowledge to make an informed decision. You can run a few quick checks before setting foot in the dealership. The following tips will give you everything you need to determine whether or not specific used cars in miami are worth your time.


Inspect The Car

– Look for signs of collision and rust, as well as dings and scratches on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. If there are any cracks in the dashboard, beware! If it’s more than one crack (e.g., driver’s side and passenger side), it may have been in an accident that has since been repaired. It should be considered a red flag if any of the exterior lights are not working or the car has a flat tire.


–  Take note of whether or not the car starts and runs correctly. Turn on all the lights, including the head and taillights, to ensure they are in good condition. If there is any gas leak, even small ones can be dangerous! Make sure you bring someone who knows what they’re doing with cars with you to have them run a thorough check before agreeing to buy anything.

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–   Take a test drive to get an idea of how well the vehicle performs on the road. Watch for leaks underneath (i.e. if there are any oil stains on the ground!) and listen for any strange noises. If you’re interested in buying a specific car made by a particular manufacturer, ask about any recalls.


–  Feel the seats, look for cracks or tears, and check to see if each seat has proper lumbar support.  If the vehicle is a convertible, check the sunroof and all of the windows in all of the doors for cracking or chipping paint.


–   When getting inside the car, be sure to check all of the bolts that hold on all of the internal mechanisms in order to try and find anything loose or odd. If you’re looking to buy a car from the 90s, check the glove box for CDs and old paperwork.


–  Check all of the cup holders for signs of wear and tear. If there is any water damage on the center console or in the cupholders, then ask if they have ever been replaced. If they have been replaced, there may be a problem with water leaks that you can learn about by asking your mechanic to take a look at them.