Benefits of buying or owned cars

Certified Pre Owned Cars have always been more expensive than those cars who are not under the CPO program. The main reason for the cost being higher is the large number of benefits which CPO cars have to offer on luxury cars for sale in chicago. There are a lot of benefits and they certainly make the higher cost completely justifiable. Here, we have listed some of the benefits of buying certified pre-own cars.

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Best Condition cars

Cars which are of the latest models and low mileage with the history report on the cleaner side only qualify for certified pre-owned programs which are offered by the automobile manufacturers.There are various criteria thatneed to be followed to make a car qualify for a CPO car.If that is not the case then it is not capable of becoming a CPO car.

The process of Reconditioning and Multi-point Inspection

A lot of things are examined and inspected by the dealers and also replaced and reconditioned in some cases, in order to meet the standards of the CPO program. However, it is upto the manufacturer but a CPO car has to go through 100 to 200 item checks and it needs to clear them in order to be approved and go for sale.

Extended Warranty

The dealer alsoprovidesa warranty to the CPO cars in order to show a sign of reliability. Many CPO programsextend the warranty on CPO cars. That is done so to remain in the competitive market since a lot of CPO car companies have come up. They also extend their warranty by providing mileage limits. Other manufacturers which already provides medium coverage for the new car warranty are less likely to increase the limits of the CPO vehicles.

Roadside Assistance

Almost all CPOs provides24-hourroadside assistance for free. This comes under the warranty that they provide with the purchase of the car. This service includes assistance to the car owners who may have run out of gas or may have forgotten the car keys or needs to jump start the car.

Financing with Low Interest

You may find that the CPO cars are usually little expensive than those models which are not certified. This is true but CPO cars qualify for lower rates of finance which is comparable to the loans offered on first-hand cars. For the buyer of CPO cars, lower interest rate means lower monthly payment for your car.


Some auto companies also provide their customers with the ability to lease the certifiedpre-owned cars. This is good for the buyers who cannot afford to purchase expensive pre-owned cars but still, want to drive it and have the experience of sitting inside and driving an expensive car.


Taking all the benefits into account, it is completely justifiable to go for Certified Pre-Owned cars.