Facts About Inositol You Should Know About

There is one pseudovitamin that plays an important role in bodily functions – inositol. Inositol is sometimes referred to as vitamin B8 or myoinositol. However, depletion does not necessarily cause health disorders or complications. Inositol is found naturally in certain foods but at low levels. The highest levels are found in citrus fruits and whole grains.

diabetes during pregnancy

Here are other facts about inositol that you should know about:

The benefits of inositol

The benefits of inositol include:

  • It aids in weight loss: the most common benefit is myo inositol weight loss. Myoinositol promotes the breakdown of fat storage. For women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), they have difficulty losing weight. Studies show that supplemental myoinositol can reduce body mass including appetite control hormone levels. Obese women can also use inositol for weight loss.
  • It treats diabetes: inositol actually imitates the effects of insulin. It also enhances the sensitivity to insulin. When taken orally, the inositol will stimulate glucose uptake in skeletal muscle thereby reducing the blood sugar levels. Moreover, supplementation can reduce and prevent the rate of diabetes during pregnancy.
  • It improves PCOS outcome: PCOS is actually considered one of the most common disorders in women. Women with PCOS have insulin resistance and ovulation problems. Inositol significantly reduced Luteinising hormone, insulin levels, and testosterone.
  • It protects the brain: another benefit of inositol is it protects the brain. You must know that inositol can influence signal transmission and brain plasticity.
  • It increases serotonin: there are several studies that reveal inositol increases serotonin since it is its second messenger. With this, it can promote sleep.
  • It treats depression: studies reveal that low levels of inositol are present in people with depression. If inositol is increased, it can treat depression in adult patients. For children, supplementation can relieve the symptoms of anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

The side effects of inositol

If you are wondering about inositol side effect, there is no concrete research but there are some concerns that you should be aware of. There can be mild side effects like tiredness, abdominal pain, dizziness, and headaches. During pregnancy, it is safe to take it orally. Though it is a relatively harmless supplement, it is important that you inform your doctor first so they can prescribe the best dosage for you.

What about the dosage?

It is important that you experience maximum benefits from inositol. Dosage will depend on the goals of supplementation and the type of inositol. For treatment of PCOS, clinically effective dosage ranges from 200-400 milligrams daily. For behavioral conditions, therapeutic dosages range from 6-18 grams daily. Before anything, you should know that inositol supplementation is available in forms of powder and capsule.

If you consider small doses, the capsules are an ideal option for you. If your condition requires you to take a larger amount of the supplement, you should think about taking a powdered form. Now that you know things about inositol, vitamin B8 or myoinositol, you consider it.