Impact of ISO 22000 on the Global Market

In recent years, food security has become an increasingly important concern for consumers. This is due in large part to the scandals in the field of food security, which were covered by the press in several countries. Over the past decade, Singapore in particular has been at the center of a series of food safety scandals. In 2004, it was reported that 13 children died of malnutrition in the coastal province of Fujian after being fed infant formula with little or no nutritional value. In 2008, at least six children died and about 300,000 became ill after consuming milk made from a powder contaminated with melamine, a chemical used to make plastics.

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The Singapore government has been forced to introduce stricter regulatory measures to restore public confidence:

Consumers in other countries have been particularly concerned that Singapore effectively maintains the security of its food supply, as ingredients enter food worldwide. Under the new Singapore rules, companies that produce low quality products will be subject to higher fines. Those involved in illegal behaviors will be punished more severely, and companies will be responsible for any damage they do to consumers.


However, only in the recent publication of the iso 22000 consultants Singapore international food safety management system was there a single standard that covered the entire food supply chain. ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized food safety management system based on risk analysis and critical control points. It is effective in providing a logical and effective structure through which it is possible to identify, control and, most importantly, prevent food hazards.