Used Cars – What You Need to Know

It’s easy to go into a car dealership and buy the first vehicle you see. But if you’re looking for something reliable, that will last for years without a major expense, then there are a few things you need to consider before signing the dotted line.

Most new cars lose their value in just a few years, so do your homework about whether buying new is really the best choice for your wallet and lifestyle. You should also look at leasing and even renting options as well.

Vehicle Condition

This is the hard one to figure out. The best method for this is to see what a car looks like under the hood and under the hood, because a dealer can make you think that everything looks great, when really there could be problems.

Service History

Check out past service records and repair records from dealerships. A lot of times they will misrepresent what they have done on the car and even hide damage completely. If you’re buying used cars in pawtucket ri, then check with other consumers who have bought cars of the same model as you’re looking at.

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Auto Check

Check out the car’s AutoCheck history and make sure it hasn’t been in a wreck or gotten in trouble with the law before. When you run the CARFAX report, it will give you more information about what the car is really worth and whether it has been stolen or reported as stolen.

Buyer Protection Warranty

This is a big one that most people don’t realize! It’s a warranty that can extend up to three years on some new cars, but in most cases it only lasts for 90 days. If you buy a car from a dealership, then they can extend this warranty for another 90 days for free.

Maintenance Records

The less time a car spends on the lot, the more its worth. Dealerships have to maintain the car and make sure that it’s in tip top shape before it can be sold. If it has low mileage then you know that someone took good care of it and there is less of a chance that something will go wrong with it in the future.