What’s engineered wood flooring? Things to Know

First let’s clarify words “laminated hardwood” and “laminate wood flooring”.  These must not get confused with the Laminate Flooring that isn’t wood at all. The laminate flooring is actually made with the high quality flooring picture (generally wood) that is printed in HD. “Laminated hardwood” generally refers to the wood floor made with the layers & fused together (or laminated). In order, to avoid any confusion with the Laminate Flooring, the floors are known as engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring includes several layers, known a plys that are bonded together.

Top layer you see gets represented by species of the hardwood flooring, like Maple, Oak, Walnut and more. Middle & back layers include different wood species selected for the dimensional stability, so the whole sandwich gets stable & resistant to the humidity, moisture, and conditions. There’re generally 5 to 7 plys in the engineered wood floors, but will be 3 or higher than 10.

Engineered hardwood floors are generally the real wood floors made using 3 to nine 9 layers of the different wood veneers. Sub layers are the similar species, and of different species. Grain of every layer runs in various directions that makes it the most stable one. It means that wood can expand & not contract must solid wood flooring during the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Top layer of the engineered hardwood flooring includes best-quality wood. Whereas this kind of flooring will be sanded & finished, and can’t be done many times like solid wood flooring.